Rob Kardashian's Dangerous Habit May Have Been Exposed

Rob KardashianWe heard awhile ago that Rob Kardashian has a lot more issues than his ballooning weight. Rumor had it that the real reason he left Kim Kardashian's wedding was that he has a drug problem, and presumably he couldn't be without his drugs and Sizzurp for long enough to see Kim and Kanye through their "I do's." Who knows if this is really true, but TMZ has gotten ahold of some photos that make us worried for him.


In the pics, Rob is seen in what is described as a "drug-fueled party" passing around what is supposedly a joint, while drinking what is supposedly that nasty concoction called Sizzurp, a combination of prescription strength cough syrup combined with soda and candy. Gross!

The cup on the table is emblazoned with "Codeine Boys" -- and I have no idea what that means but apparently it's terrible, terrible, terrible. Or it means there is codeine syrup in the cup. Something like that. What do I know, I'm not a rapper.

Rob looks as heavy as ever in the photos, so I guess he's not making the gym much these days.

TMZ reports that his family is desperate to get him into rehab, but Rob won't go, go, go.

Jeez, Rob, where did it go so wrong? It must have been a pain growing up Kris Jenner and so many sisters, but no need to throw your life away over it. Let's get back to the Rob we all know and love, shall we?

Do you think he's in serious trouble?


Image via David Tonnessen,

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