Kim Kardashian Exposes Nip Slip in Shocking New Selfie

Kim KardashianI guess all of the mommy and wife stuff must have gotten to Kim Kardashian because she suddenly is playing vixen again. Kim recently put on a blond wig and took some selfies duckfacing into the camera (of course), but what everyone was talking about is the fact that one of North West's nourishment vessels, AKA Kim's nipple, was seen poking through her bra.


The seflie was headed, "It's just a wig! Looks so real, right?" but hardly anyone was looking at the wig. As if she didn't know.

Kim is such a master at selfies that she often gives selfie tutorials. She knows every single angle to work in front of the cellphone camera, and she uses mirrors. There is no way she didn't see her nip peeking out. Just no way.

On the other hand, the nip looks kind of far to the right to me. Perhaps that's not what it is? But I don't know what else it could be. I mean, that has to be her nipple. And judging by the size of it, yep, she breastfeeds!

Most people on her Instagram shrugged at this display. "What will she do now? A sex tape?" most joked. Yeah, let's face it, Kim's nipple isn't exactly something no one has seen before.

What's more shocking is WHY? Attention, I guess. But damn. Doesn't she get enough? Do you really have to "pretend" flash your nipple for even more gawking??

I'm not sure what Kim is going to do when she's older and no one really wants to see her lady bits anymore. I guess she'll just keep showing them to us anyway, a la Madonna.

Do you think she did this on purpose or no?

Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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