Pippa Middleton's First TV Interview Might Include a BIG Surprise

Matt Lauer & Pippa Middleton

Ok -- so who else is totally jazzed for Pippa Middleton's first TV interview with Matt Lauer, which will air next Monday and Tuesday?!?

Oh come on, we've been dying to get to know her better ever since her famous bum made its debut at Kate Middleton's royal wedding. Although something tells me that's one subject she might not be willing to open up about with Matt. (If he even dares to go there, that is.)

And while he teased what we can expect from the interview by saying we'll hear "what it's like to be Pippa" -- it looks like there's a chance that a big secret could also be revealed that could change the way we view her from here on out.


Rumors are flying saying NBC will offer Pippa a special correspondent's gig, in which she will give reports on ... who knows what? A source told the New York Post, "NBC, along with all the major networks, have been trying to sign Pippa for some time. NBC is set to make a fresh approach to her following the interview."

And while a spokesperson for NBC did shoot down the rumor, will it really be that much of a surprise if Pippa does wind up with a brand new job out of this whole deal?

I mean, who wouldn't tune in to watch her? I'd be hanging on her every word for sure in the hopes that maybe she'd let some small detail about Kate and Wills slip out here and there. But I'm sure if she really does become a correspondent, her contract will blatantly state that she refuses to talk about them.

Plus, NBC had Chelsea Clinton working for them, so it's not like signing on well-known figures who otherwise have no TV experience is a brand new thing. 

I guess we'll have to wait until Monday to see if Pippa has some exciting news to spill. But if this turns out to be nothing but a rumor, at least we'll have the pleasure of officially "meeting" her on camera -- even if it's only for a brief interview.

Do you think Pippa would make a good NBC correspondent?


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