Beyonce & Jay Z Share Wedding Video to Distract Fans From the Truth (WATCH)

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It's hard to maintain a strong, healthy marriage in Hollywood. Everything you do is laid bare for public scrutiny. So it can't be easy for Beyonce and Jay Z these days, especially after Solange's violent outburst. People are still wondering why she tried to pummel her brother-in-law. Of course, most suspect she was enraged because he was cheating on Bey. Now it seems the "happy couple" is trying to squash those rumors as best they can.


They kicked off their "On the Run" tour in Miami this week, and concert goers were treated to something very special: Beyonce and Jay Z's wedding video.

It's an amazingly tender moment that they chose to share with the world. We can't help but wonder about the timing. On the heels of all the scandalous headlines about cheating, it seems as though they are trying to send a message. They married in 2008 and it appeared to be the perfect union between the king of hip hop and the queen of R&B.

They are desperate to reclaim that image in the eyes of everyone. But the question is, are they just putting up a good front to make sure their tour is a success? Or perhaps the truth is that they are really working hard on their marriage and they want the fans to know that. This can't be an easy time for them. Let's just hope all the love that is in that video is still really there.

Do you think Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage is still just as strong today as it was in 2008?


Image via Kevork Djansezian/Getty

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