Ben Flajnik Gets Legal Team Involved Over Courtney Robertson’s Book

ben flajnikJust because the cameras have stopped rolling doesn't mean the drama ends for former Bachelor stars. The latest scandal was sparked when Courtney Robertson released a tell-all about her relationship with Ben Flajnik. And boy did she TELL ALL. Though she may be paying a price for those loose lips. Ben is having his lawyers look over the book!


Apparently the season 16 Bachelor star is more than a little peeved about all the intimate details his ex has leaked in I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Diary of a Reality Show Villain. She admits to their sexual interludes during the taping of the show, including one that she says only lasted seconds. Talk about embarrassing!

Since hearing the news, Ben has called the book "a new low" and referred to their brief relationship as "a nightmare." Since leaving the show, he claims that he wants to stay out of the limelight and live a quieter, normal life. He says that being on the ABC show was a part of his life -- "for better or worse." The worse aspect being Courtney, of course. Ouch!

He went on to say,

Unfortunately, things like Courtney’s book and things you don’t expect are going to come out of the woodwork when you thought everything was said and done ... it’s disappointing, that’s all. You would expect people that you knew along the way to take the higher road, but I don’t know -- everybody’s different.

His legal team is looking over every word, but lucky for Courtney that Ben isn't interested in getting into a huge legal battle. He doesn't want to bring more attention to it -- at least for now. I am sure if he gets more upset, he'll be out for blood. For her part, Courtney doesn't seem to be too worried:

It doesn’t surprise or bother me to hear that Ben wasn’t a fan of the book. He emailed me after reading it, so I knew there was going to be a reaction. I understand that it’s hard to read about a difficult time in your life and choices you made. But I didn’t write the book for him.

Do you think Ben should sue Courtney?


Image via Ben Flajnik/Instagram

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