Hot Groomsmen Bust Serious Moves in Must-See Wedding Dance Surprise (VIDEO)

groomsman danceWeddings often are a great big party. There is dancing and laughter and great memories being made, of course. But sometimes something a little extraordinary happens, and it's so good, it needs to be shared with everyone, not just those who attended the nuptials.

Handsome groom Sean Rajaee just got married to the beautiful Ariana. And he wanted to do something really special for her during the reception as a surprise. So he and his hot groomsmen performed a choreographed dance. It's amazing! Complete with fake moustaches and awesome hip-shaking moves.


How cool is this?! And it was all a surprise for the bride!

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I love how they started it off with some Beyonce (oh yeah) and then they danced to the bride's favorite, Backstreet Boys. The family is Persian and they danced to a cool Persian song, ending the whole thing with Bruno Mars' "Marry You."

The groom's sister posted the video to YouTube and shared that some of the groomsmen flew from across the country to attend the wedding and only learned the dance by video tutorial. These guys pulled this together well!

I hope their marriage is as fun as this wedding seems to be!

What would you do if your groom surprised you like this?

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