Will Ferrell Gives Greatest Team USA Speech in World Cup History (VIDEO)

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Mostly everyone across the country should be bursting with patriotic pride on June 26 -- the United States is playing Germany in the World Cup, and a win or a tie means the US gets to advance out of the Group of Death. It kind of doesn't get much more exciting, especially since the US has defied all odds by holding their own against Ghana and Portugal. Germany, however, is the heavy favorite, and after a heartbreaking, last-minute tie by the US with Portugal, soccer fans are curious to see how they will bounce back, if at all.

You know who else is super-pumped for the game? Will Ferrell, who went to a pep rally on Wednesday, June 25 in Recife, Brazil. He was introduced by soccer-themed Teddy Roosevelt impersonator Teddy Goalsevelt and United States Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati. But then Ferrell, clad in a USA jersey, gave a hilarious speech to guarantee a US win that is a definite must-see.


Check it out:

Full of his well-known, self-deprecating humor, Ferrell joked: "I am so honored to be playing tomorrow. I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm not in the best shape. I'm not in soccer shape right now, but I'm gonna try my best and I'm going to live up to the spirit of this American team."

But then he talked about going through with this brilliant strategy, even though Uruguay may have already come up with it: "If the game gets close, I will bite! I will bite the opponent! I will bite them! I will bite every German player if I have to!"

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Sounds like a great plan, doesn't it? Having Will Ferrell run out onto the field, most likely extremely inebriated, and letting him bite all the German players so team USA could win? It's a plan of Einstein-level intelligence.

Anyway, on a more serious note: How amazing must it have been for all these fans, who traveled all the way to Brazil, to see Ferrell live in person? So glad to see these folks represent and have fun -- and we can only hope that it all pays off with a huge win (or tie) (or at least an advance to the next round) against Germany.

Have you been tuning in to the World Cup this year? What are your thoughts about the Group of Death?


Image via U.S. Soccer/YouTube

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