Kim Kardashian Goes to Ridiculous Lengths to Prove She's a Good Mom (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianThere's been a lot of speculation that Kim Kardashian is an absentee mom. Certainly, with all of the solo trips Kim makes to Paris, not to mention honeymooning in Ireland and Mexico, sans North West, there is some basis for that conclusion. Let's face it, most moms aren't globetrotting the first year of baby's existence. In fact, North was recently seen flying by herself cross country (well, by herself plus about a billion nannies and security guards).


So it looks like maybe the criticism has gotten to Kim. She showed up at LAX last night with a sleeping Nori in her stroller. Normally Kim would be alone, and the baby would be with the nanny. Or Kim would keep Nori just out of range of the cameras. But this time she did a little parading.

As paparazzi swarm Kim and the stroller, Kim begs them to keep quiet because the baby is sleeping!!! Haha. I love moms who take their babies out in the most public places and then expect everyone else to be quiet. Actually, "love" wouldn't be the word.

Seriously, Kim, you've spent your life in TV, did you expect paps not to swarm you everywhere you go? Asking them to pipe down is pretty crazy. But, amazingly, they did. Here's Kim shushing the world:

Also, when Kim arrived in NYC, she was carrying a thermos full of what is supposedly her breast milk. She flashed that for photogs too.

Okay, we get it, Kim. You spend time with Nori. You're a good mother. Sheesh!

Was this all for show?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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