Former 'Bachelorette' Villain Humiliated in the Worst Possible Way (SPOILERS)

Kalon McMahon

OMG. If you don't want to know anything that happens on Bachelor in Paradise before tuning in, then you should refrain from reading any further -- because this spoiler is so awesome, it's too good to save for the debut of the season.

There are some pretty controversial cast members from past seasons who will be vying for a second chance of love in Mexico when the show premieres on August 4th -- but it looks like one very notorious villain will wind up embarrassed beyond belief.



According to Reality Steve, Kalon McMahon gets shot down by three women in the first 24-hours of Bachelor in Paradise -- which I guess shouldn't really surprise us at all given how bad his game is.

I mean, fans pretty much turned on him the minute he called Emily Maynard's daughter Ricki "baggage," which is why we were all left scratching our heads when Lindzi Cox actually fell for him on Bachelor Pad.

But supposedly on Bachelor in Paradise, he'll get a taste of his own medicine since none of the women on the show want to be anywhere near him.

Wait -- you aren't going to believe how good this is.

Reality Steve says, "He came on the show last week bearing a date card, asked three different women if they wanted to go on a date, they all said no, so he went on a date by himself, then left the next day."

HAAAAA!! He went on a date by himself? That's sooooo Kalon, isn't it?

I can totally picture him being all, "Whatever. I'm WAY better company than any of these chicks so I'll just date myself."


Man. As more and more details start to emerge about this show, I get more and more excited for the premiere. So far it really is shaping up to be the "most dramatic" spinoff yet.

Are you surprised at all that Kalon was shot down?


Image via ABC

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