Ben Affleck Responds to Rude Question About Jennifer Lopez's Butt

ben affleckIt seems as though Ben Affleck is landing himself in the gossips a lot lately. He was apparently counting cards at a Vegas blackjack table -- a feat only geniuses can supposedly do, which got him banned for life from the Hard Rock. Their loss, I say. Then, of course, the obligatory rumors that Ben and Jennifer Garner's marriage is on the rocks because of his gambling "problem." I don't believe a lick of it. Those two are tru love 4-eva 'n eva.

Plus, he's Batman. The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight. I think he can do no wrong. However, when at a Hollywood poker game, Ben was faced with a very loaded question. Part-time sleaze Rick Salomon asked Ben straight up: "Hey, yo, did Jennifer’s (Lopez's) ass have cellulite on it, or was it nice?" Ben's response really showed what kind of man he is.


Ben reportedly paused for a moment before responding. How very Batman of him. He looked at Rick, and replied, "It was nice." This was exactly the right way to respond -- the gentlemanly way. Rick gave him a choice. To stop it from going any further, Ben answered a simple, "It was nice." Giving a response silenced the issue, without anyone drawing any unnecessary conclusions. Ben loved J. Lo, once upon a time -- they were engaged. This tactic of responding in a polite way shows he has respect for his ex, for women, and he probably realized if he didn't respond Rick was going to press him for details, perhaps even others would laugh and make comments. Instead, he pulled a Batman maneuver. A Dark Knight in shining armor.

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In case you forgot. Rick is currently re-married to his ex Pamela Anderson. Who I have a soft spot in my heart for. Her husband, however ... well, he says some curious things. Like what he said to Ben. It just felt like such an inappropriate thing to bring up. Objectifying. Macho. Offensive.

Ben did the right thing. This was a sort of private setting -- the news leaked because high-stakes poker game host Molly Bloom was there and she wrote a memoir, Molly's Game, about her experiences. (You always have to be mindful when there is a writer in the room.) Still, it showed his true colors. He's loyal. Respectful. A gentleman. So what if he likes to gamble.

What do you think of how Ben responded? Can you even believe Rick asked that?!

Image via Elen Nivrae/Flickr
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