Kim Kardashian Does the Impossible in a Sexy Black Jumpsuit (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

All boob-baring and bra exposing looks aside, once in a while she turns up wearing something that's pretty darn classy -- and Kim Kardashian's chic black jumpsuit is definitely no exception.

Granted, she wore this sexy getup for a photo shoot in Van Nuys, California -- so it's not like she took it out of her closet on her own will. (Or maybe she does choose her outfits for these things? Who knows?)

With her hair looking shiny and sleek and the bright red lip she has going on, this very well may be one of her most impressive looks to date.

Check it out.


Kim Kardashian

Damn. Is she stunning, or what? This look seriously screams "sophisticated," and even though the jumpsuit has a plunging neckline, it doesn't show too much skin or give anything away.

It really is amazing just how good Kim looks when she doesn't try too hard, and honestly -- she gains just as much attention as when she blatantly puts her breasts on display. I mean, she's probably floored by the fact that she can actually get people talking about something other than her boobs -- but she should see this as a positive thing for sure.

(See Kim? It's not impossible to look hot even when you're covered up.)

Wouldn't she rather generate a buzz by wearing something that makes her look like the picture of class versus basically walking around half-naked all the time?

(Oh, wait. My bad. This is Kim Kardashian we're talking about.)

Do you think this is one of Kim's sexiest outfits yet?


Images via MHD/PacificCoastNews; Splash News

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