Justin Theroux Publicly Professes His Undying Love for Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston justin therouxThe rumors of Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston breaking up linger, but here is all the proof we need to know that things are obviously incredible and the wedding bells are still ringing for these two beautiful people. Just look at the way he's looking at her!

The lovebirds lit up the red carpet at the premiere for HBO's The Leftovers, in which Justin stars. But it wasn't just their hot body language or the looks they were giving each other that made it clear there is so much LOVE between these two, it's what Justin said about Jennifer. It might be one of the most romantic and macabre statements ever.


When asked about what he would be upset about leaving behind should he be taken from this world, he said Jennifer Aniston. "That's who I'd want to bring back. That's who I'd want to bring with me."

Till death do they part. Love never dies. So long as they both shall live, and forevermore after that.

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I find this terribly romantic. It's not really like Justin to make such statements -- he's kind of a brooding quiet one. That makes it all the more heartfelt.

In case you're wondering why someone would ask such a question, it has to do with the series The Leftovers, which is about some kind of end of times scenario and some people disappear while others are left behind. Justin wants Jen with him all the time. They are totally getting married. No breaking up here. Whoever says so from now until they make it to the altar is wrong. Wrong! I tell you! This is love! Dark, mystical, magical, otherworldly, and to the afterlife kind of love.

So happy for these kids!

What do you think of Justin's profession of undying love for Jen?

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