Kate Middleton Loses Her Best Dressed Royal Title to Surprising Style Rival

Kate MiddletonThey say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. But sometimes it can surpass the tree. There's no doubt that Kate Middleton is fashionable -- and so is her little future king, Prince George. In fact, the royal munchkin just beat out mummy for title of Best Dressed Royal! Take that, ma!


Prince George, who probably has some help dressing, won the coveted title of Best Dressed Royal in a survey by MyFirstYears.com, which surveyed 600 online shoppers, beating out not only his own mother, but his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Well, that will be an awkward family get-together!

The prince, who has lately been seen in a pink jumper, and a red sweater with red and white striped pants, is no doubt an up-and-coming dandy. But, let's face it, he IS the cutest royal. Sorry, Harry.

Speaking of Harry, he came in fifth. His cousin Beatrice came in fourth.

But where was Kate? Number two, of course. Slightly behind George, who got 23 percent of the vote.

I guess if Kate is going to have her title of Best Dressed Royal usurped, it should be by her son, no? It would have been embarrassing if it were Camilla.

Do you think George is more fashionable than Kate?


Image via Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty

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