Model Offers 'Proof' Hank Baskett Cheated on Pregnant Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra WilkinsonIs Kendra Wilkinson's marriage about to go bust? The reality show beauty and her husband, Hank Baskett, are weathering rumors that Hank hooked up with a transsexual model in April, while Kendra was eight months pregnant. Seems like a really bizarre rumor, but RadarOnline is reporting that there's "proof" -- because the transexual in question, Ava Sabrina London, took a polygraph test when she spilled details of their illicit romp. She also came out with details of their time together, and it's pretty wacky.


London, who was born a man and still retains his man-parts, but otherwise looks like an attractive woman, reportedly took a polygraph in Los Angeles before telling her story to the tabloid. The examiner concluded that there was "no indication of deception during the polygraph examination."

According to London, whose story was published in The National Enquirer, Hank called her to arrange a sexual encounter, but used a fake name. He supposedly came to her house while she was there with her girlfriend.

London says at first she had no idea who Hank was, and that he called himself "Steve." (C'mon, Hank, that's not very creative!) London says:

Hank absolutely knew that I was a transsexual and he told me that I was the only transsexual he’s ever been with. He thought I was beautiful.

Okay, London looks pretty good. But Hank has a gorgeous wife at home. Whyyyy??? I mean, if this happened. Jury out on that one.

London then claims the two made their way to the bedroom and, well, things happened. Let's just say they didn't watch reruns of The Girls Next Door. 

Hank then supposedly paid her $500 for a 20-minute encounter. Hank then supposedly took a shower. The weirdest part? She then claims Hank shook London's girlfriend's hand, and then left. Ermkay. Hollywood.

Hank supposedly then later paid her $5,000 never to talk about what had happened. Hope he gets a refund!

Still no word from Kendra or Hank about this stunning rumor, but we're all pulling for it to be a bunch of nonsense.

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Kendra normally posts almost every day on Twitter, but has been quiet since the rumors broke a few days ago. Hank has been strangely silent too. Maybe they're just taking a break from the computer. I know I would.

Do you think this is true?


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