Miley Cyrus Gives Little Sister Noah a Totally Inappropriate Job (VIDEO)

Miley CyrusJust in case you were wondering who is in charge of Miley Cyrus's vagina (you know you were), it's the person you'd least expect: Miley's 14-year-old sister, Noah. As we all know, Miley's vagina has been getting a heavy workout on her Bangerz tour (and that's just onstage) and someone has to make sure everything is in order. That job somehow fell to Noah. Ack, the perils of being the youngest child.


Miley told an Australian radio station that Noah is in charge of making sure Miley doesn't suffer any "lip slips" while she is gyrating, twerking, splaying her legs wide open, giving herself atomic wedgies, etc. Miley told the station:

She's the pussy police. She makes sure that, you know, everything is staying intact. Especially on "Love Money Party" when I'm up on this car. My little sister stays down there and watches like, 'Pull to the right!' Like, 'You're losing something! Something's coming out!'

I'm officially speechless. I have a sister and the last thing I'd want to do is stare at her ladybits for two hours every night. I wouldn't want to stare at any woman's -- this is why I didn't become a gynecologist -- but there is something particularly eww-inducing about having to pussy police your own sister.

I guess Miley wanted someone she could trust standing guard over her most prized asset, and she could trust that Noah wouldn't tweet pics of her vayjay. But these are some serious dues Noah is paying. I hope to hell this girl inherits some of Miley's fortune one day. She's certainly earned it!

Do you think her sister should have this job?


Image via 2DayFMSydney/YouTube


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