Kim Kardashian Finally Wears a Bra but Fails Miserably at It (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

It's no big secret that Kim Kardashian's breasts are becoming superstars in their own right, but once in a while, Kim shocks us all by covering up her chest so our focus shifts back to the rest of her appearance.

But apparently she wants to make sure that each and every single outfit gives us something to make a big fuss over, which is why she often turns up in skin-tight skirts ... and backless tops that clearly show her bra hanging out. Yep. She dared to bare, you guys.

I guess we should applaud her for bothering to wear a bra at all since doing so is very out of character for her -- but this particular piece of lingerie is definitely not the most attractive thing to look at.


Kim Kardashian

Sure, at first glance we're all, "Damn. Her ass looks amazing yet AGAIN." But something about the bra just looks so off -- almost like she threw it on at the last minute because she didn't have another alternative.

Maybe if she'd worn a solid white bra it wouldn't look as weird, but the lace on the sides just makes it so ... I dunno, like something you'd expect to see your grandmother wearing.

But hey, at least she doesn't have a case of the dreaded bra-line bulge going on. This outfit may be a little on the tacky side, but Kim definitely has the slim body to pull it off. I mean, would you dare to wear a backless top like this? I didn't think so.

Do you think Kim's look is sexy?


Images via All Access Photo/Splash News

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