Frances Bean Cobain Blasts Lana Del Rey for Death Wish Comments

Frances CobainDid you happen to see that extremely weird interview with singer Lana Del Rey in which she expressed the desire to be dead? She was talking about Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain and the interviewer asked if she thought early death was glamorous. Del Rey said yes, and when pressed whether she really wished she were dead, she said, "I do! I don't want to have to keep doing this. But I am."

If you missed that odd blip in confusing/depressing musician news, Frances Bean Cobain sure didn't. Her reaction to a popular singer waxing poetic about her father's suicide? Well, she wasn't exactly happy about it … and she called out Del Rey directly for "romanticizing" death.


 Here's what Cobain posted on June 22nd:

Bravo to Ms. Cobain. Lana Del Rey expressed so much disillusionment with her success as a musician in that interview, it was hard to read her comments and have any sympathy for her. I mean, when you're saying things like this:

Family members will come on the road with me and say: 'Wow, your life is just like a movie!' And I'm like: 'Yeah, a really fucked-up movie.'

Then maaaaaaaybe find a new career path? I mean, for crying out loud, no one's forcing her to be a pop star. I don't read Cobain's comments as an attack at all, more of an emotional response based on her own perspective. If Lana Del Rey is truly depressed, then I feel bad that she's hurting and I hope she gets help -- but I can't blame Cobain for being frustrated by the idea that a singer thinks her father's death is something to be admired.

What do you think of Cobain's response to Del Rey? Too harsh, or justified?

Image via alka_seltzer666/Twitter

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