Jennifer Lopez & Maksim Chmerkovskiy Seriously Heat Up Their Relationship

jennifer lopezThey can deny being an item all they want, but when Jennifer Lopez and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are spotted on a cozy date, it's kinda hard not to believe the gossip. On Saturday, JLo and Maks were seen at on a "flirty" outing at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. The "First Love" singer and Dancing With the Stars alum were reportedly dancing the night away at Shrine Nightclub. According to witnesses, the pair were hanging out in a big group, but "Maks was whispering into her ear and hugging her," and "they looked very flirty with each other."

Nope. Nothing going on there at all, guys. Nuuuuuthin' at all.


If there's one thing we can count on in this world, it's for Jennifer Lopez to not be single for long. If there's two, it's for Jennifer Lopez to date another performer, most likely a dancer. And while it's always fun to have a significant other (especially one who's got moves like Maks), dude. Stay single for 5 minute, JLo! Why not just focus on yourself, and only yourself, for a bit? You just got out of a relationship (which started shortly after a marriage), no need to rush things. There are plenty of guys out there who would give their left anything to date you -- and that's not gonna change any time soon. Right now, it's time to just relaaaax. Do yoga; hit up some spas; read The Wisdom of a Broken Heart (if you're wondering if I just googled "break-up books," yes, you're right.)

No doubt, JLo and Maks make a super sexy couple who could dance any and all other human beings under the table at any given moment, but, being that Jennifer didn't end her relationship with Casper Smart all that long ago, not sure this is a super fantastic basis for a relationship. Silver lining, though: A hot duet on Dancing With the Stars, or even better, American Idol?

Do you think JLo and Maks will make it?


Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

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