Sam Smith Sings Chilling Cover of Classic Whitney Houston Hit (VIDEO)

Sam Smith How Will I KnowThere are certain songs that just seem custom-made for covering. You know, like "Hallelujah," or "Over the Rainbow," or "Baby It's Cold Outside," or anything by the Beatles. But I can't say it ever would have occurred to me that someone could take Whitney Houston's 1985 hit "How Will I Know" and remake it into a version that's barely recognizable -- and I mean that in a good way.

Sam Smith is a 22-year-old British singer who just released his debut album, In The Lonely Hour, on June 17th. I don't know much about this guy, but based on the angsty, unexpected, completely gorgeous twist he put on Houston's boppy song, he's officially got my attention.


In the video released by SiriusXM Radio, Smith takes on "How Will I Know" accompanied only by a pianist and guitarist. He slows it waayyyy down, and adds so much emotion I may have welled up a little while listening to it. Check this out:

Was that beautiful or what? I absolutely love the wistful, aching feel to his version. Of course, not everyone's a fan -- here's one of my favorite comments from a disgruntled listener:

Not a bad voice; but he needs to get a little more upbeat with that song.  He sings it too slowly.

Heh. Oh Internet, never change.

If you'd like to hear a bit more from Sam Smith, this is his single "Stay With Me" from his debut album:

What do you think of Smith's cover of "How Will I Know"?

Image via YouTube

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