Kendra Wilkinson's Marriage May Be Over If Latest Rumors Are True

This is one rumor I'm really hoping isn't true. Word has it that Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett are seriously on the rocks, just weeks after Kendra gave birth to their daughter, Alijah. First, reports spread that Hank looked miserable as he checked into a motel on Friday. But no one really knew what was going on. Maybe he just needed a good night's sleep? Er, but considering he had two "acquaintances" with him, maybe not. But now the reason Hank left the marital bed might be shockingly obvious -- RadarOnline is reporting that Hank cheated on Kendra. And not with just anyone!!


Reportedly Hank cheated while Kendra was eight months pregnant with their child. Now, I don't want to say this is true, because who knows, but men who cheat on their pregnant wives are the lowest of the low.

But it gets even more bizarre, because supposedly Hank cheated with a transsexual. WTF is up with the transsexuals all of a sudden? First Casper Smart, now Hank?!

Anyway, the source told RadarOnline that Hank first met up with the transsexual in April, while Kendra was bursting with baby. He'd seen her YouTube videos online. The source doesn't say who this might be so unfortunately I can't link to her videos. Bummer!

Hank then allegedly used a fake name to arrange an encounter. Supposedly Hank gave her $500 but then got spooked that he would spill what happened, and gave her $2000 the next time he saw her. He then supposedly gave the transsexual $5000 to keep quiet and threatened to kill himself if the story got out.

Now was that worth all this?! I mean, if it happened. That's a big if.

Anyway, you have to wonder who would know all this except the transsexual in question, so maybe she spilled after all. So to speak. Could this be the real reason Kendra said she felt like Hank wasn't attracted to her during her pregnancy? Because he really wanted some peen?!

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Kendra, if she knows about these rumors, doesn't seem to be letting them affect her. She tweeted a couple of days ago:

Sooooo either it never happened, or Kendra is in cover-up mode much like Tori Spelling was when Dean first cheated. Who knows, a reality show might be next.

Well, let's just hope this crazy rumor is just that, a crazy rumor.

Do you think this happened?


Image via kendra_wilkinson_baskett/Instagram

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