Kate Middleton's Bold Move Could Change Her Life Forever

Kate Middleton

You'd think that life at Kensington Palace is nothing but sunshine, roses, and unicorns, but supposedly Kate Middleton is hoping to move to Anmer Hall on Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate.

According to Star magazine, she's really digging the idea of raising Prince George and his future siblings in the country, where they'll have much more privacy 100 miles away from the hustle and bustle of London.

And while Kate Middleton rumors are kind of a dime a dozen these days (particularly if they involve her being pregnant with twins) -- the idea of her wanting to leave the Palace really isn't all that hard to believe.


Think about it for a second. Why would Kate bother to do all sorts of renovations to Anmer Hall if she didn't plan on spending quite a bit of time there? The place is pretty regal enough as it is, so it does seem interesting that Kate is making sure to put her own personal touches on the pad.

I know, I know -- the apartment she and Prince William live in at Kensington Palace was fully renovated too, so it seems a bit premature for them to move out so soon -- but maybe Kate is simply sick and tired of city life and wants to simplify things a bit. Or maybe there's something she's running away from? Let's not forget that she led a much more "normal" life before marrying into royalty, so there's a decent chance that she wants to get back to her roots.

But honestly, no one can really blame her for high tailing it to the country if the opportunity arises. With expansive grounds for her to chase little Georgie around on, a swimming pool, and a quaint, village lifestyle -- Anmer Hall sounds like just the ticket for a new mum and her (hopefully) growing family.

Of course, living in the country would make it a bit tougher to attend various royal engagements and events -- but that's what helicopters are for, right?

Do you think Kate really wants to leave Kensington Palace?


Image via Chris Jackson/Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday Parade: Trooping The Colour/Getty Images

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