‘True Tori’ Was Hiding Yet Another Marriage Shocker

Tori Spelling

If you watched True Tori, one of things you might have noticed is how terrible their marriage seemed compared to that of their best friends, Jessica and Wolf Amer. The happy pair's love and togetherness were a stark contrast to Tori and Dean's abject misery. Jessica was the one who told Tori she would NEVER put up with Wolf cheating. And Wolf was the one who point-blank asked Dean why he would risk everything to cheat -- and was dumbfounded when Dean admitted it was he thought he wouldn't get caught. Soooooo. No skeletons there, right? Wrong!


Wolf came across like such a good guy on the show, it's hard to believe that there's more there than meets the eye. But, according to RadarOnline, there certainly is. The perfect husband was reportedly once arrested for spousal abuse.

Not with Jess -- that would be too too much. But with his former wife. I didn't even know he was married before. Still, with any wife and it's wrong. According to RadarOnline, Jeanene Fox Amer called 911 after Wolf pushed his then-wife onto the bed and ripped the phone out of the wall, and she got a laceration on her eye, though she didn't remember exactly how it happened. There were also chips in the wall from where keys had been thrown and a smashed vase on the ground.

Wolf was arrested for spousal abuse but said he only "pushed her ear" to "calm her down." Erm, yeah, pushing someone's ear does not calm a person down.

Jeanene was given a restraining order against Wolf. Amer reportedly accused his wife of cheating and giving him a venereal disease. Yikes.

Well, I guess I can stop idealizing him now!

However, it does appear that this incident wasn't the norm, and Wolf did admit he was wrong. So that's something. And presumably his marriage with Jessica is a lot different. Still, it's a bit disconcerting to think this was the guy Dean was getting most of his guidance from.

I'm still going to cut him some slack because he just seemed like the anti-Dean on the show and the voice of reason.

But, Wolf, I don't want to ever hear about any spousal abuse stuff again! Don't make me come push your ear.

Can you believe this?


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