Soldier Singing Rihanna Cover Moves Grown Men to Tears (VIDEO)

Singing SoldierDo you remember those viral YouTube videos of the singing soldier who blew the Internet away with his emotional renditions of Rihanna's "Stay" and Etta James' "At Last"? Army soldier Paul Ieti grew up singing in church, but when his troop-mates heard him belting with his smooth and silky voice while stationed overseas in Afghanistan, they decided that that goodness needed to be shared.

Ieti is back from his tour, and he took his bad self and his bomb-diggity voice to America's Got Talent, where he completely blew the judges away Tuesday night. Please forgive the use of bomb-diggity -- his voice is just that good. Seriously.


He seems to be a bit nervous at first, and even missed his first cue, but when he finally got going with his cover of Rihanna's "Stay," the judges knew they were witnessing something special. You could even see tears in their eyes, as well as many members of the audience!

A particular blogger writing this post at this very moment may have gotten a little emotional too. I admit nothing.

Tune in at the 3:10 mark for the beginning of the song, and at 5:15 to watch the judges one by one go up and hug him. He's that inspirational.

Were you moved by Paul Ieti's appearance on America's Got Talent?


Image via America's Got Talent/YouTube

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