Kylie Jenner's Selfie Obsession Could Be a Sign of Trouble

Kylie Jenner

All of the Kardashian/Jenner girls love their selfies -- but perhaps Kylie Jenner's are the most worrisome. Partly because of her young age, it just seems somewhat strange to be so self-consumed and attention-grabbing already. However, she did grow up under the shadow of selfie queen Kim Kardashian. But could Kylie's obsession with Instagram really be a serious cry for help? At least one person supposedly within the Kardashian circle thinks so.


A source told OK! Magazine that Kylie's preoccupation with her changing looks and her habit of documenting them on social media is really all about her lack of self-esteem. The source claims that as Kendall's modeling career takes off, Kylie is feeling more lost and alone -- and jealous. The source says:

Kylie constantly hears people talk about how much more attractive Kendall is, and the comparisons have really taken a toll on her. She’s getting herself into dangerous situations. If someone doesn’t rein her in soon, something tragic will happen.

No word on what these "dangerous situations" are, but she does seem to get around more than the average teen. Remember when she went to Las Vegas with Justin Bieber? Seemingly with no parent in sight?

No doubt having so many famous and beautiful big sisters must be a pain in the ass. And having the sister closest to you become a model must be annoying too -- especially when you're 16 and everything is about looks.

I personally think Kylie has nothing to be jealous about. I've always thought she was the most interesting- and ethereal-looking of the clan. But really she should think about more than just her appearance, though that can't be easy in that family.

Do you think she's jealous of Kendall?

Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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