Miley Cyrus Sports Atomic Wedgie -- OUCH! (VIDEO)

Miley CyrusIt looks like Miley Cyrus is feeling better. She may have spent weeks on and off in a hospital due to an allergic reaction to antibiotics, but she clearly has fully recovered -- perhaps a bit too much. She's so feisty these days that she's running around giving atomic wedgies -- to herself. At a concert in Milan, Italy on her Bangerz tour, Miley wore a onesie suit made of dollar (or hundred-dollar?) bills and pulled the bottom strip right up her backside and crotch. I mean, ouch. That's gotta hurt!


No one ever said art was easy, but check this out:


Um, seriously, this?

And THIS??!!!

Miley, this can't be too good for your vayjay. There's really no reason to be so brutal on it. What did it ever do to you?

Also, those costumes. You can't possibly wear them again after doing this, can you? I mean, there's not enough dry cleaning chemicals in the world to tidy this thing up.

I'm not sure what Miley is doing here except to try to shock? She makes Madonna look demure. I don't even think Madonna would have left burn marks on her bum and camel like this. I guess Miley thinks this is sexy -- but when were nuclear wedgies ever sexy?

I wonder if Miley has a gyno hanging out backstage just in case there is any damage? If not, she should have one.

Miley, be gentle with your vayjay. It won't always be so young and perky.

Do you think Miley's front wedgie is a serious cry for help?


Images via Simone Goyner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty and TMZ

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