Kim Kardashian's Hot White Dress Is Shocking for All the Right Reasons (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

She must be a fan of the "when in Rome" concept, because "when in Cannes," Kim Kardashian's white and gold rope dress definitely made her look more than ready to sail off on a luxury yacht.

I know she wears outfits that make our jaws drop all the time, but usually it's because of how much skin she happens to be revealing. But this time, for the MailOnLine Boat Party, Kim obviously wanted to give off more of a regal type vibe.

She really shocked us with this little number.


Kim Kardashian

Wow. Isn't that dress to die for? She looks like some sort of goddess, and she even has a little bit of a Cleopatra thing going on, what with the gold choker and all.

This frock also perfectly accentuates Kim's curves, and honestly I'm not sure she could possibly get any more shapely. When it comes to the perfect hourglass figure, this is pretty much a textbook definition.

See? She can look just as amazing with most of her body covered up as opposed to her breasts being out on display. What makes this dress sexy is the fact that it leaves a lot to the imagination. It definitely wouldn't have had the same effect if her cleavage had been hanging out.

Oh, and another thing -- it must have been a real relief for her not to have to worry about the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction for a change.

What do you think of Kim's rope dress?


Images via PacificCoastNews

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