Chris Bukowski Seriously Injured on the Set of 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Chris BukowskiBachelorette and Bachelor Pad alum (and party crasher) Chris Bukowski is coming to the small screen once again for more Bachelor infamy -- this time on Bachelor in Paradise. The show basically replaces Bachelor Pad, which is fine by us, since it's shot in Mexico and that means lots of wet shirtless guys.

While we're waiting on the edge of our seats in anticipation for this latest installment of the Bachelor franchise, we're more interested in trying to figure out what happened before the TV magicians edit the film together and drop it into its proper time slot on the ABC schedule. Rumor has it that Chris had a major injury on set!


The reality star was spotted getting off a plane in his native Chicago with new flame Elise Mosca, a Season 18 Bachelor alum and fellow Paradise contestant. The two apparently met on set and are totally smitten, but as Bachelor hookups and breakups are more common than fruit flies on a week-old banana, we're more interested in what the heck happened to Chris' leg.

According to sources, "Chris took a spill in the ocean and injured himself pretty seriously." He seems to have torn up his knee, and although it appears he could put some weight on it, it sounds like he had some crutches in tow. Ouch!

There's no word on whether the injury was what caused Chris' departure from the show, which is still filming south of the border, or if he was eliminated. Heck -- maybe these two lovebirds flew off on their own accord. Heh. Doubtful.

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Anyway, Chris seems to be on the mend for now, and hopefully he'll be A-OK soon.

Do you think think Chris Bukowski would let a little knee injury slow him down from the competition?


Image via Chris Bukowski/Instagram

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