Idina Menzel Handles Wardrobe Malfunction Better Than Any Star in History (WATCH)

idina menzelIt's every star's worst nightmare -- the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. With their skimpy couture, they are at risk when making almost any move. The latest victim? Idina Menzel, who had an embarrassing boob mishap while performing at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Her reaction was priceless -- unlike any other! Take a look.


She was in the middle of a performance when it seems as though someone in the audience tried to warn her. The lower half one breast was actually coming out from under her leather bra top. Humiliating, right? Well, Idina didn't skip a beat.

Gotta love that. Once she realized what was going on, she informed the whole crowd, "My boob's coming out?" Then she checks herself by wriggling and moving her breasts into place -- in front of everyone! My favorite part had to be when the If/Then star boasted that at least her girls were "real." That in itself is an anomaly in Hollywood.

It's clear from Idina's playful reaction that this woman is comfortable with herself and her rapport with fans. And why should she get upset about it -- this happens nearly every day in Hollywood. In fact, this grants her membership into a club that includes everyone from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian to Halle Berry. Now, if only every other star handled the situation with such wit, class, and grace.

What do you think of Idina's reaction?


Image via Idina Menzel/Twitter

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