Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Gift to Kanye Is a Total Shocker

Kim KardashianKanye West might be mighty disappointed with his birthday gift from wife Kim Kardashian this year. Remember last year how she splurged on a Lammy? No, I don't mean a Lamar Odom. I mean a Lamborghini. It reportedly cost her $750,000. A drop in the bucket, I'm sure. But this year, Kanye's drop is MUCH smaller. Perhaps Kim really did hate that Ireland honeymoon because word has it that Kanye's gift for his 36th birthday is ... a Monopoly board!


Okay, so it's not just any Monopoly board. It's a specialized kind that hasn't even come out yet, but Kim managed to get her hands on one. Because she's that powerful, y'all.

According to US Weekly, the customized My Monopoly board lets players make their own Chance and Community Chest boards, property spaces, and game pieces. Supposedly, the Palace of Versailles, where the couple partied before their nuptials, is where Park Place normally is. And Italy's Fort Belvedere, where they had the wedding, replaces Broadway.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nori takes over the thimble.

The biggest shocker though? The set retails for only $20. Hey, they're married now! No need to go all out.

Of course, I'm kidding. This is sweet. Kim knows what a control freak Kanye is and she knew he'd love making his own rules and properties and pieces. Sometimes a small thoughtful gift says more than a splashy expensive one.

But I'm sure he got that too.

What do you think of her gift?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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