Bikini-Clad Opera Singer on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Did What She Had to Do (VIDEO)

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Well this opera singer is certainly going to raise a few eyebrows. Let's face it, on talent shows, it can be really difficult to stand out. There are so many talented people in this world. So what can ya do? If you're 31-year-old Maggie Lane, you sing opera while stripping down to a teeny tiny bikini on America's Got Talent.

The two dude judges, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel, were obviously very pleased.

Maggie, who is also a personal trainer, has caused a divisive reaction as a result of this stunt. Some are saying she should be proud of her body and show it off; others are insulted on opera's behalf and believe she didn't need to do anything gimmicky or "sexy" to prove she's talented.

Well -- just goes to show, if she didn't strip, she probably wouldn't be enjoying this much attention right now!


She's got a great body and obviously works hard for it; what's the difference between showing that off and showing off her voice, which she says she's worked equally hard for. Folks who appear on these types of shows have to do anything they can to be memorable. It wasn't like Maggie was prostituting herself while singing opera (sorry Fantine). Or sticking her tongue out. Or twerking on the microphone. Or dry humping a dog or something in said bikini. She simply came up with an idea that would surprise everyone.

The reactions are pretty priceless, though, aren't they?

In case you were wondering, she is singing "O mio babbino caro" ("Oh My Beloved Father") by Giacomo Puccini. The character who sings the song, Lauretta, does threaten throw herself into the Arno river and kill herself, so perhaps that is what Maggie was stripping down into a bikini for?

Well, anyway, maybe, like Howie said, "By taking your clothes off, you open up opera to a whole new audience." That may be kind of a sad observation on the state of opera, but apparently the genre could use a little bit of controversy. Scantily clad opera singers could be the next big thing? Still, any time a woman uses her body and looks like this in a typically conservative, fully dressed field, it's bound to bring out the naysayers. But as long as Maggie's PG-rated striptease is giving people more of an opportunity to enjoy Puccini and potentially learn a little more about his music, I don't see the harm in it.

Regardless -- her trick worked and she made it through to the next round. Will you be rooting for her?

Do you think it was necessary for Maggie to strip to a bikini during her routine? Would we be talking about her otherwise?


Image via America's Got Talent/YouTube

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