Robert Pattinson Finally Opens Up About His Love Life (VIDEO)

Rob pattinson

Ooohhhh, look away, Kristen Stewart! Cover your eyes and ears! Robert Pattinson says he's single, and he couldn't be more excited about it. Rob is making the rounds promoting his new film The Rover, which takes place in the Australian Outback, and that is giving us a lot more Rob than we've had in quite awhile. But of course what Rob fans really want to know about is his love life.


Asked by an Entertainment Tonight reporter if he was seeing anyone, Rob said, "No." He then hesitated, smiled, and said, "So exciting!"

Well, that's kind of a major burn on Kristen. HOWEVER. He could have been sarcastic. Like, "Erm, yeah, so exciting. Not!" Kind of hard to tell with him. Check it out:

What do you think? Was he being serious? Either way, I guess all of those rumors about KStew and RPattz hooking up on the sly might be bogus. Then again, maybe they have some kind of casual thing going on, though I sincerely doubt it. At any rate, perhaps she'd rather hear he's single than not.

On another note, check out Rob's hair. A lot longer and fluffier than we've seen it in awhile. Defies the laws of gravity.

That said, I guess Rob isn't seeing model Imogen Kerr either, though maybe he just didn't want to admit it.

Still, I think he's up for the taking, ladies.


Image via spunkramsompdts/YouTube

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