Miley Cyrus' Deranged Stalker Exhibits Truly Terrifying Behavior

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus has been under a huge amount of stress lately thanks to a deranged stalker who has been threatening her for years. The obviously mentally ill man, Devon Meek, 24, told cops if he couldn't meet Miley, they should shoot him in the head. He says he'd rather die than not be with her. And he says Miley talks to him through the radio and he hears "screaming" in his head. But not surprisingly, given our lack of resources for the mentally ill, Meek will be let out of the psychiatric hospital at some point.


It's probably small consolation to Miley that a judge just ordered Meek to stay at least 100 feet from Miley for three years. The problem with these kinds of orders is that they mean very little to the mentally disturbed person. What does he care if he's put in jail? He's in a prison of his own mind already. Plus, he has reportedly already made it clear he will not stop coming after Miley even after he's released.

Disturbingly, however, I've seen comments that put the blame square on Miley for having such a terrible situation. "Isn't it common sense to not fall in love with strippers and hookers?" asked one commenter. Another wrote: "I really don't have sympathy for Miley Cyrus when you act dress and behave lasciviously and post many nude and semi nude of yourself in your instagram and tweeter YOU ARE PERSONALLY INVITING THIS PERVERT AND RAPIST TO HOUND YOU."

Of course, however a person chooses to act or dress doesn't excuse criminal behavior. But people who are mentally ill get obsessed with "demure" celebs too. My Sister Sam actress Rebecca Schaeffer was killed by her stalker in 1989. Even Anderson Cooper had a stalker. Miley did not ask for her stalker because of her raunchy performances.

This isn't Miley's first stalker. A couple of years ago, a man was arrested for jumping over the gate to her house. He was carrying scissors and insisted he was her husband.

Hopefully this man gets some more help because he sounds truly dangerous. And luckily Miley has the resources to protect herself more than the average woman does.

What do you think about people who say this is Miley's fault?

Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

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