Robert Pattinson Reveals Secret Dream of Becoming a Male Stripper (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson Guy Pearce

Snort. You gotta love a super hot dude with a great sense of humor. And after hearing Robert Pattinson joke about wanting to be a male stripper, it's clear that he has no qualms about letting his less serious side come through on camera.

He and Guy Pearce appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to talk about their new film, The Rover. When Lara Spencer asked Rob about a comment he made about wanting to have an acting career like Pearce, Rob quipped, "I was talking about his side career as a male stripper."

Check out this video to hear his funny statement yourself.


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Ha! That Rob. He's such a charmer. But all jokes aside -- who else wouldn't mind seeing Rob in more of a Magic Mike type role?!?

I highly doubt anyone would complain if he opted to forgo clothes for the sake of his career.

Hey, maybe he honestly could have a side gig as a male entertainer for bachelorette parties and such? I'd sure as hell hire him -- and something tells me I'm definitely not the only one.

What do you think of Rob's sense of humor?


Image via GMA

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