Kim Kardashian's Skinny Jeans Couldn't Possibly Be Any Tighter (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian

Well? She may have gone out on a limb and covered up her boobs for a change, but after seeing just how tight Kim Kardashian's skinny jeans are, I'm feeling the need to put on a pair of yoga pants and call it a day.

She was spotted out in New York City while shopping for clothes for little North West (of course). Even considering how warm temps were in the northeast yesterday, I don't want to think about just how uncomfortable these pants must have been.

Sure, Kim's body looks amazing and she can certainly pull off wearing something snug, but how she managed to breathe in these things is beyond me.


Kim Kardashian

Wait -- you gotta see the rear view to get the full effect.

Kim Kardashian

OMG. Gasping. For. Breath. Over. Here.

Again, she has every right to show off her trim figure, but it's clear that some clingy fabrics definitely work better for Kim than others. I'm just not sure this particular pair of jeans is doing her any favors. And I'm sorry, but I can't get over the "they look like they've been painted on" factor.

Maybe I'm just an old fogie, since comfort usually takes priority, but I'm seriously in pain for Kim simply by looking at these photos.

(And something tells me she couldn't wait to shimmy out of her clothes the minute she walked back through the door to her apartment.)

Do you ever wear jeans this tight? (Why?!?)


Images via Cam Griffith/Pacific Coast News; 24/7PapsTV/Splash News

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