OK Go's New Video 'The Writing's on the Wall' Is a Total Mind Trip (WATCH)

OK GoThe always amazing OK Go has done it again with their latest, "The Writing's on the Wall." The band is well known for their visually stimulating music videos -- like that one on the treadmill or the one that looked like a giant game of Mouse Trap but better.

This group seems to have producing instantly viral videos down to a science, and they don't disappoint with their latest installment, which would make M.C. Escher proud. It's full of optical illusions and visual tricks that mystify your brain until you figure out how they used perspective and camera angles to trick your eyes.


It took three weeks to set up, and 50 takes to get the shot just right -- but the end result is totally awesome.

Frontman and co-director Damian Kulash said the song itself is about a pre-breakup -- that point in a relationship when you realize you really don't understand each other. "It was important to me that we didn't add a layer of meaning that's not already there," he explained. "We wanted to be able to have messages in there, but I didn't want them going throughout the entire song in a way that would make you feel like you were reading the whole time."

I think it's mission accomplished, guys.

What do you think of OK Go's latest music video?


Image via OK Go/YouTube

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