Madonna's Latest Much-Younger Boyfriend Is 'Just a Fling'

MadonnaMadonna seems to like 'em young. It's been six months since the 55-year-old icon broke up with her 25-year-old boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, but according to sources, she's already been dating a new man for a few months.

The singer was spotted with Dutch backup dancer and choreographer Timor Steffens on Monday, exiting the Broadway show Holla if Ya Hear Me. This one's 26. But hey -- it's Madonna, mmmkay? Not a lot of guys are going to turn that down.


Anyway, the rumor is that this wasn't the first time they've been out together, although neither will confirm nor deny the relationship. Gosh darn celebrities -- why don't they just give us the dirt?

Sources did spill some beans to E! News, saying that they've been together for a few months now and even attended the Grammys together. They did? How did we miss that?

It seems the two met this past winter in Switzerland, when Madonna was just lounging around with Valentino at his chateau, because that's apparently what the rich and famous do in the wintertime. Some of them at least.

But here's the interesting part -- the source also admitted that the relationship is "not serious," and it's "just a fling."

Hmmm ... why just a fling, Madge? The mean girl in me wants to ask if he's going to get too old for her, but it's probably more likely that she just isn't looking for anything serious after ending her three-year relationship with Zaibat so recently.

Well, it can only be good for this guy, who is gaining fame from the relationship. He's already an accomplished dancer -- he danced for Beyonce at her 2010 Grammy performance, as well as Michael Jackson's This Is It, and several Chris Brown music videos.

And of course Madonna gets to have some fun with a super hot 26-year-old. Seems like a win-win to me.

Would you ever date a much-younger man?


Image via Madonna/Instagram

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