Ryan Gosling Adopted Baby Hoax Fools Nearly a Million Fans on Facebook

Ryan Gosling and BabyRyan Gosling found himself at the center of a Father's Day hoax that took the Internet by storm. Someone pretending to be the super hunky actor posted a picture of him holding a baby, along with the story of how he fathered that child for a year before eventually losing him to his biological father.

The post got nearly one million "likes," because hello -- it's Ryan Gosling holding a baby and talking about fatherhood, which basically makes any female of childbearing age's ovaries twitch. Unfortunately, the whole thing was a scam, which makes sense when you think about it because how the heck would he have kept a baby a secret for a year?


The fake story that ran with the photo read:

"This father's day, I've decided to tell the story of how I became a father. This little guy was only 9 months old when I became his dad. His mom and I were great friends before she passed away from cancer. I promised her, I'd always look after him. So, I had decided to step up and become his dad. He brought me so much joy. He was my everything. 1 year later after the adoption, his biological father wanted him. Of course, I put up a fight, but he won. That 1 year of being his father taught me how to love unconditionally. We have to stop and be thankful for our children and children should stop and be thankful for their parents. What I truly learned most of all is, every child needs love."

Comments ranged from, "Reason 90636 why you're the most perfect man on the planet!” to "Omg you are utterly AMAZING!" For explanation of such enthusiasm, please see paragraph above about what pictures of Ryan Gosling with a baby do to women.

There's no word on who this adorable little baby is, but it's really unfortunate that someone would take advantage of Ryan the the tyke like that. Oh -- you know money had to be involved somehow, right? What's a scam without a profit?

The link directed people to a site to buy T-shirts reading, "Young Wild and Free," claiming that proceeds would go to the fictitious Orphanage Home Foundation. Also you'd be entered to win a day with Gosling with each purchase. I really, really hope no one fell for that load of baloney, and if they did that they get their money back.

Did you fall for the hoax for two seconds?


Image via Ryan_Gosling/Instagram

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