Justin Bieber Spotted Partying With the Last Person We Want Him With

Justin BieberOMG, people, proof positive that Selena Gomez is riding the Bieber train again. And we'd SO thought she'd found her senses this time. Things had begun to look a little shaky after Justin posted a pic of the two of them together last week with the caption: "Our love is unconditional." (Anyone else surprised he can spell "unconditional"?) But now. NOW. It's even worse!


Yes, TMZ has video proof of the two of them "clutching" onto each other while they party in Malibu at something called Bootsy Bellows. Oh, I see. It's a nightclub. Of course it is.

And earlier in the day, Selena was seen riding on Bieb's "Can-Am Spyder 3-wheeler" as they cruised along the beach.

After all those reports of how devastated Selena was after Justin's repeated cheating on her, I just don't understand. In fact, Selena supposedly even checked into rehab to deal with her volatile emotions regarding the Sizzurp-loving party boy. So much for rehab. Justin is her crack, and she keeps going back! Check this out:

Erm, okay, so you only caught a glimpse of them for about half a sec, but I have no reason to believe it's not them, 'cause, well, girlfriend be that dumb!

What is it that keeps Selena coming back? Is it the egging? The mop bucket pissing? The various arrests and scandals?

Sorry, Selena, we are no longer buddies. I can't keep watching you do this to yourself. Wait, you say we were never buddies to begin with? Well, well ... harumph! My well-thumbed copy of Codependent No More is in the mail, Sel. Read the underlined parts.

Do you think she's addicted to Justin?

Image via Jason Merick/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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