Mike 'Situation' Sorrentino Arrested After Most 'Jersey Shore' Brawl Ever

Mike 'SituationMike "Situation" Sorrentino was busted today after an alleged fistfight at a tanning salon he owns with his family. According to police sources, the brawl took place at Boca Tanning Salon in Middletown, NJ, and The Situation was arrested and booked.

According to witnesses, the Jersey Shore alum got into it with his brother Frank, and someone called 911 when fists started flying. When the cops arrived, Sitch was the only one who was taken into custody, and eventually booked for simple assault. 


TMZ caught up with the reality star outside the police station after he posted his $500 bail, and it looks like Frank got at least one good swing in, if the shiner he's sporting is any indication. He explained that he and Frank had a disagreement on how to run the business.

Apparently, employees called the cops last week when their paychecks bounced. Whoops. Well, at least no employees were punched in the face over the issue. It's harder to get out of lawsuit for assault than back into your brother's good graces.

Of course, this may have been more about publicity for Sitch's new reality show The Sorrentinos, which will air on the TV Guide Network. It will star Mike, his mom Linda, his sister, and his two brothers -- including the one that allegedly gave him that black eye today.

Ironically, TVGN's president of entertainment said about the show:

We’re excited to take viewers, who met Mike in a very different time and place of his life, and bring them along for this ride with The Sorrentinos. Family is everything and it’s something people universally come back to no matter who you are and what you do. Fame just makes the stakes higher and more public.

Huh. Let's hope this little brawl at the tanning salon is nothing more than a blip on the radar in the scheme of things in this big happy family.

Do you think the fight was a publicity stunt?


Image via Mike Sorrentino/Instagram

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