Emily Maynard’s Wedding Video Puts ‘The Bachelorette’ to Shame (WATCH)

emily maynard

I'll admit it, I am one of those cynical Bachelor/Bachelorette fans. Yes, I tune in to watch that quest to find The One but all the while taking bets on how long the engagement will actually last after the final rose ceremony. Rarely am I proven wrong. The main problem -- the show makes dating too damn perfect. The perfect dresses, the perfect outings, the perfect dinners. That's not real life. So when Emily Maynard got married, I was happy that she seemingly found the love she so desperately craved, but I wondered, is this another manufactured romantic moment that isn't based on reality? The wedding video she just posted to Instagram gave me the answer. Take a look.


This clearly wasn’t some made-for-TV moment. There was a lot of real love there. It's the kind of wedding that most women dream of. The bride, groom, and guests weren't overly made up or appearing as though they had to stand on certain marks for the camera. 

That moment was all about the couple, their love for each other, and the family they were forming together. It was very, very sweet. It puts The Bachelor and Bachelorette to shame. Even those rare couples from the show that do make it down the aisle don't seem nearly as natural or authentic. The reason? Falling in love after two months on a reality show is not the way the heart works. Nowhere else do you compete with 25 other people for one person's heart. And you certainly don't usually have to watch the person you are falling for kiss a dozen other people either. It's bizarre.

So happy for Emily that she found real love outside of reality TV.

Do you think Emily's marriage is more solid since they didn't meet on The Bachelorette?


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