Kate Middleton Suffers When Prince George's 1st Steps Become a Media Circus

Kate Middleton, Prince GeorgeFirst of all, let's take a minute to die of the cuteness that is 11-month-old Prince George. Sorry Prince William, you're cute and all, but there's no competing with your adorable son -- he absolutely stole the show.

Kate Middleton took the tiny royal to his dad and uncle's charity polo match on Sunday, and the little guy took his first (public) wobbly steps on the sidelines. Prince William somehow kept his attention focused on the game as he played for the Jerudong Park Trophy against a team led by Prince Harry.


But all eyes were on Kate and George, as she held his chubby little hand while he toddled about. Those early days of walking are some of the most precious in a mother's life, but it can't be easy to live them in the public eye like Kate does.

Everything she does as a mother is under scrutiny. From the time she was pregnant with horrible morning sickness, we've all been worried about the baby's health. Heck, we're already on bump watch for whenever she and Wills decide to have another, if ever.

Prince George seems to be following a normal developmental schedule, but what if he were delayed? All moms worry when their children don't hit the major milestones at the "proper" times -- but Kate has the added pressure of being the mother of the most watched baby in world.

She can't even take her kid to cheer on his dad without it becoming a major media frenzy. What if he had fallen and scraped his chubby little royal knee or something? Would he be whisked off to be examined for signs of possible infection, or would she just get to put a Band-Aid on it and call it a day?

Even if she tries to live as normal an existence as possible and not let the judgment of others bother her, it's still exhausting to try to brush that attention off. Like it or not, her mothering skills will be under a constant microscope of media scrutiny.

At least she won't have to face the common mom problem of forgetting to take pictures of her son's big moments. After all, there always seems to be someone with a camera nearby snapping the action.

Do you think Kate Middleton feels the pressure of mothering a royal tot in the spotlight?


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