Robert Pattinson's Feelings for Katy Perry Are Finally Exposed

Robert Pattinson Katy Perry

Holy smokes, you guys -- our favorite single dude might not be single for that much longer. Rumors about the two of them being more than friends have run rampant forever, and after hearing that Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry were caught flirting at an after-party for The Rover in L.A.? It looks like there's a chance that they might finally be giving into whatever romantic feelings lie between them.

Oh, and did I mention that Rob was supposedly overheard saying, "She's so f***ing hot" while nodding over in Katy's direction?

Yep. He digs her. And unless she doesn't have a pulse, we have to assume she thinks he's pretty hot too.


Ugh. I've said this before and I'll say it again -- why don't the two of them get together and live happily ever after already? They're totally perfect for each other, especially since they've been friends for years and already have a solid foundation.

Sure, there are plenty of men and women who have strictly platonic relationships, but considering how attractive the two of them are, it's kind of a wonder that they haven't hooked up yet -- or at least as far as we know, they haven't.

Could it be that they're finally realizing that there might be something more than just a friendship between them? Just a few weeks ago, Rob turned up at Katy's concert in London and was trying to be all inconspicuous. It kind of raised a red flag that there might be something romantic going on.

And if this report about them openly flirting in L.A. is true? It's only a matter of time before they finally give in and take a crack at the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Why the hell shouldn't they date? I honestly can't think of one good reason -- and it looks as though maybe they can't either.

Do you think Rob and Katy will finally get together?


Images via PacificCoastNews; BSI/jbm1005 Xclusive/PacificCoastNews

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