Kristen Stewart’s Plan to Revive Her Movie Career Is Laughable

Kristen StewartYou know what they say, if they'll cheat on you, they'll ... make a movie with you? Okay, that doesn't quite describe this odd gossip item, but close. Two female celebs famous for cheating -- one doing the cheating, the other getting cheated on -- reportedly might pair up for a buddy action caper flick. Kristen Stewart is apparently jonesing to get her so-called idol, Demi Moore, to play her mom in the movie.


A source told RadarOnline:

Kristen is making serious noise about befriending Demi, whom she’s worshipped for years, and convincing her they should play a mother-daughter team in a new action comedy. [She thinks it] will help both their careers and somewhat depressing public images.

Hmmmmmm. I can see a slight resemblance between the two, so they could play mother-daughter convincingly. But would it really rehab their "depressing public images"? These days, both are more famous for their private lives than their movie roles, so it would have to be one heckuva movie to make us forget about Ashton and RPattz.

The source added that Demi was very receptive to working with Kristen, but only if the script was right. The source concluded:

It’s been a long-held dream of Kristen’s to star in a movie with Demi. She’s been a fan of hers for a good 15 years and is on the hunt for a fun action role for her and Demi!

Okay, here's a pitch:

Demi Moore plays Demitria, a legendary stripper married to a CIA agent 20 years her junior. Her daughter, played by Kristen, is at Harvard studying to become a neurologist. But she wants to enter the Busty Beaver's strip club contest for most neurotic pole dancing. Prize: One million crisp one-dollar bills stuffed into a G-string and topped with whipped cream. Can mom convince her daughter to stay in school and stay out of the family biz?

Maybe add a vampire.

Do you think Kristen and Demi would make a good onscreen team?


Image via Alexis/Flickr

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