Kylie Jenner Caught in the Middle of Surprising Love Triangle

Kylie JennerAt 16 years old, plenty of people would say that Kylie Jenner is too young to have a boyfriend -- but those people would be 100 years old. Sorry to break it to you, folks, but 16-year-olds all over the world have boyfriend/girlfriends. In fact, in some states, 16 is legal to get married with parents' permission. So I guess it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that Kylie Jenner, who grew up in a Mormon Hollywood family, would have a bf already. What's surprising is WHO it is!


Okay, so we've all heard the rumors about Kylie's potential "mates." Probably the longest running rumor is about Jaden Smith, Will and Jada's kid. But both have said they are just pals. Then there's Miles Richie, Lionel Richie's kid. (If you're a famous kid, you've got to date a famous kid, apparently.) Hell, there's even rumors about Justin Bieber -- but we were all praying those weren't true.

But now we finally seem to have some real confirmation about at least one of these suitors. This is like an episode of the Dating Game. Who did Kylie choose?

Jaden Smith!

Okay, okay, it seems kind of official, folks. A friend of both of them, an actor named Lincoln Lewis who used to be on Home and Away, let it slip that Kylie and Jaden were a pair. When on a game show, he was quizzed about other celebs he may have been involved with. When asked about Kylie, he reportedly denied he'd ever hooked up with her, calling her "Jaden's missus."

Then realizing he'd let the cat out of the bag, he began backtracking, saying:

We've all just been hanging out dude, so I was like I don't know. It's not a confirmation [that they are dating], it's just an idiot's assumption about things.

Oof, poor Lincoln. First that name, and now he'll be cut out of the Jenner/Smith circle. Oh well, probably for the best, kid.

Anyway, I guess we all knew this when that pic emerged of Kylie and Jaden sitting on a bed together? And when they reportedly made out at Kim's wedding? (Rude!)

But you know these kids. They don't even call it "dating" anymore. It's "hanging out." These things tend to be very no-strings-attached. So they could be friends with making out benefits. Let's hope that's where the benefits stop.

Still, Lincoln may be out of the loop. Because, um, this picture. Yeah, now here it looks like Kylie is really with Miles! Zoinks, is this like a KStew/RPattz/whoeverthatguywas thing?!

Well, dating nowadays tends to be a lot more amorphous than it used to be. My guess is, Jaden on even days, Miles on odd.

Sooooo who is Kylie dating?

Image via Frederick M Brown/Getty

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