The Real Reason Bruce Jenner Had to Get Away From Kris (VIDEO)

Hope you all had a lovely Father's Day weekend! Let's jump into the drama, shall we? In today's exclusive video, we've got the Old Lady Gang out in force on Bravo with The Real Housewives of Atlanta spinoff Kandi's Wedding. This week I think I've finally hit on the BIGGEST mistake Kandi Burruss makes with Mama Joyce. Over on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we've got Modigliani mayhem and Kris Jenner's continued castration of Bruce Jenner.





The biggest plot point of Kandi's Wedding is certainly the mama drama between Mama Joyce and Mama Sharon. But ... what was the craftiest editing moment this week? I think it had to do with subliminal advertising. And Phaedra Parks did her part to help out. Also, viewers have been tweeting and posting comments here and on Facebook comparing Mama Joyce to George Teichner, father of Real Housewives of New York City cast member Aviva Drescher. I break ALL that down for you with context and a prediction.

Over at the Kardashian Kompound, I noticed something that, to me, seemed either really, really stupid or very, very clever about Bruce and Kris Jenner. In today's episode below, I give you all the clues I caught, and you tell me what you think is true.

We've also got a topic that genuinely fascinates me ... yay!! You would never know (because certain Big Apple producers would never agree to film it) that I'm into art conservation and authentication as a hobby. I've dragged friends in the business through the backrooms at the auction houses and checked things out, looked at botched repair jobs that knock hundreds of thousands of dollars off the price, etc. So I was thrilled to sit up and pay attention to Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's Modigliani drama. In the video, I tell you what I saw. Watch now!

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Do you think Mama Joyce had a right to be jealous of Todd's mom?


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