Harrison Ford's 'Star Wars' Injuries May Be Worse Than Anyone Knew

Harrison Ford

Maybe all of those jokes about Harrison Ford being injured when the Millennium Falcon door fell on him on the set of the new Star Wars film were a bit too soon. Word has it that Ford is in worse condition than previously thought -- and that his wife, actress Ally McBeal Calista Flockhart, is rushing to be by his hospital bed.


Reportedly, Harrison received much more than a bump and a bruise -- he could have a pelvic injury and may have received a chest X-Ray. Originally, we thought he'd merely hurt his ankle, but it sounds like a lot more than that.

Plus, Harrison isn't exactly Indiana Jones anymore. He still looks great, but at 71-years-old, he's more Indiana Grandpa. Bones are much more brittle in your advanced years and it doesn't take much to break them. And they take longer to heal. Everything takes longer to heal.

Not surprisingly, there are reports that the rest of the cast of the J.J. Abrams Star Wars: Episode VII is a bit wary now about the set -- and have asked for everything to be double and triple checked. You can bet that no one is happy that a star of Harrison's magnitude is injured -- and he may take weeks to return to the set to film his scenes.

With Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill also in the cast, that's a lot of star power that needs to be protected.

Additionally, it appears that a nurse at the hospital where Harrison is being treated, actually Tweeted about him, saying: "Surreal experience to have Harrison Ford's medical notes in the office." Yikes, how unprofessional! The hospital says it is looking into the Tweet, but the nurse's Twitter account suddenly went private.

We're all rooting for Harrison to heal as quickly as he can and get back to manning the Falcon.

Do you plan to see the new Star Wars film?

Image via Jonathan T Mare/Flickr

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