Justin Bieber's DUI Charges Reportedly Dropped & Now He'll Annoy Us Forever

Justin BieberOh Justin Bieber. Don't you wish that kid would get some sense knocked into him at some point? It just seems like he think he can get away with anything without fear of reprisal or comeuppance. Well, maybe he's right.

According to Us Weekly, the 20-year-old pop star has worked out a plea deal for the DUI charges stemming from his January arrest in Miami Beach. Just no. Put this kid in jail for awhile, or at least house arrest (confiscate his weed first) and let him think about what a little snot he's been.


But noooooo! The charges are apparently being dropped in exchange for the Biebs attendance at anger management courses. At least it's better than a bathtub baptism. Thank God for small favors?

Are anger management courses really going to help though? Please keep in mind that in addition to the DUI, Bieber was also charged with resisting arrest -- he was apparently very testy with the police, shouting at them and calling them names. Because he's a snot.

Furthermore, the source revealed how Justin really feels about the bargain. "It's a really good deal and he's happy with it," the insider said. "He thinks it's fair. He just wants to put the whole bad episode behind him and move on."

Of course he thinks it's fair! He's getting off practically scott-free. The rumor is that he's not even going to be put on probation, or be forced to attend a drug and alcohol education course, you guys. The self-admitted underage drinker and drug-user doesn't have to attend a drug and alcohol class.

Although it probably wouldn't work anyway -- I find myself skeptical that the anger management class will do any good.

Now if someone could just offer Selena Gomez a solid "Get Over Justin Bieber" course, we'd be all over mandating that.

Do you think Justin Bieber got off too easy?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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