'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Finale Sneak Peek: Tyrion's Fate Should Be Revealed (VIDEO)

game of thrones season 4 finaleWow. No. Wow. This is it. The season finale of Game of Thrones is on this Sunday. Episode 10, "The Children," sure has a lot to cover. But during the last three seasons, the finales were rather, what's the word ... dull. At least in comparison to the usually incredible episode 9 that preceded it. They were pretty tough to top.

But showrunners this season say that the season 4 finale will pretty much blow everyone's minds. There is so much to catch up on that, of course, there's no way they can fit it into one hour, but there is still one question that HAS to be answered: What's going to happen to Tyrion Lannister?!

Readers of A Storm of Swords do know what will happen to Tyrion, but I'm not going to spoil it for you here. But I am going to spoil some of the things that have happened on season 4, so if you haven't watched, here is your warning. SPOILERS AHEAD. But no book spoilers! Let's geek out over Game of Thrones season 4 -- one last time. Oh, THIS is why Tyrion drinks ...


It may take a novel to figure out where we've left off with everything, but the short of it: Jon Snow, after last week's epic battle, is going to talk to Mance Rayder to end the fight in the North; Daenerys Targaryen banished her most loyal and trusted (well, not anymore) companion, Ser Jorah Mormont, while she still tries to control Slaver's Bay; Tyrion Lannister is sentenced to death after his champion, Oberyn Martell, lost to the Mountain in a head-crushing fashion (RIP, dude); Sansa Stark had a makeover and Petyr Baelish is still lusting after her, though they seem safe at the Vale; Arya Stark and the Hound are stumped about what to do next after finding out Arya's aunt Lysa was Moon-Doored to her death; Ramsay is no longer Ramsay Snow, but Ramsay Bolton, and Reek needs to give him a bath; Cersei just cannot wait to see her little brother beheaded; Brienne and Pod are well on their way to finding Sansa after a helpful tip from Hot Pie; Stannis Baratheon is on his way North after a stop at the Iron Bank of Braavos; Bran, Meera, Jojen, and Hodor are still looking for that damn bird; Margaery is probably still looking to seduce poor King Tommen; Tywin is most likely brooding and plotting somewhere; Ser Pounce is probably pouncing around  ... ummm, OMG, does that pretty much cover it? Longest paragraph ever.

Anyway, here is the official synopsis in case you want to know:

Circumstances change after an unexpected arrival from north of the Wall; Dany must face harsh realities; Bran learns more about his destiny; Tyrion sees the truth about his situation.

Tyrion "sees the truth"?!? What does that mean? Will he get a moment of clarity before getting beheaded Ned Stark-style? Or will he be able to make a miraculous last-minute escape?

Let's hope that Tyrion's fate will be known on the season 4 finale (it most likely will). Otherwise, it will be a long, long way to wait. With so much to catch up on, including storylines about characters we have long forgotten, the showrunners better be right in saying that this will be a finale to remember. Can't believe it's the last episode though. If Tyrion dies and I am Game of Thrones-less for the next year, well, it's about time to start a support group and all hug each other really tightly, isn't it?

Here's the preview:

What are you most looking forward to seeing on the season 4 finale? Can you believe this is the end?!


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