Robert Pattinson's Embarrassing Erotic Confession Will Gross You Out (VIDEO)

In case you've been sitting around wondering about the weight of Robert Pattinson's saliva (and some of you probably have), wonder no more. Thankfully, Rob himself has clued us in. According to RPattz, he has "extraordinarily heavy saliva." Something Kristen Stewart already knew but until now was a mystery to the rest of us.


Rob appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his new film, The Rover, but somehow got on the topic of saliva. You get the feeling Rob is one of those guys that if you asked him, "How was your day, Rob?" he'd be all, "My kidney is itchy."

Rob made this momentous discovery when he tried to spit, but could only spit about a foot. Which is disgusting, Rob, why are you spitting on the ground? And then he thought it was because he has weak lips.

Weak lips? Heavy saliva? Hmm. Sounds like kissing him would be somewhat -- terrifying. I'm still willing to test it out but it's not sounding promising.

Check out Rob's rather embarrassing admission:

Oh yeah, and how about that part where he asks Jimmy, "Have you ever had anyone spit on you in kind of an erotic way?" When Jimmy looks flummoxed, Rob admits, "It's pretty great."

Ugh, way too much info!

Okay, let's just admit that Rob seems really weird in this video. Maybe he had to take some cough syrup before he went on the air. I dunno. Sometimes I wonder if he and Lindsay Lohan are soulmates.

Would you spit on him erotically?


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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