Jimmy Fallon & Gov. Chris Christie's 'Dad Dancing' Is Painfully Funny (VIDEO)

jimmy fallon chris christieWe cannot dispute the amazing that is Jimmy Fallon's dance skits on The Tonight Show. They are creative and funny and we get to see celebrities doing things we didn't think we'd ever see them do. And when I say celebrities, I'm also including politicians. Case in point: New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie. Who, may I add, is embroiled in "Bridgegate," and this comic relief was well played at the just right time.

With Father's Day coming up, Fallon put together "The Evolution of Dad Dancing" and stuck on some facial hair and dreadful khakis. Christie came out looking like ... Christie, albeit a slightly slimmer version. Together, they dance. And then the punchline happens.


Jimmy's holding back a little don't you think? It's as if he's saying, C'mon Christie ... pump up the jams a little. You can do it. Those "we saw this on Dancing With the Stars" moves were quite funny. Springsteen concert moves? Perfection. But then it happens ... The "This Bridge Is Closed" move and Christie just stops and gives Fallon a good stare-down.

Ha! It's good to see the Governor being such a good sport, but as I mentioned, making any light of this bridge issue is the right idea since he may run for President in 2016. We also cannot forget that back in January, Bruce Springsteen himself was on Fallon, and together the two mocked Gov. Christie's scandal. Which makes all of this even more hilarious.

What do you think of Gov. Christie's appearance on The Tonight Show?

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